The basic gameplay mechanics of Golf Clash is of course similar to golf. You can choose a mode be it one on one or in a tournament mode. You then play a round of golf and your objective is to sink the ball with the least amount of strokes as possible. In one on one mode the player that sinks the ball with the least amount of strokes first will end the game. In tournament mode you do need to try and minimize your strokes because it is a point stacking case. Just sink that ball and win your match. Then of course don’t forget to upgrade or change your equipment and balls from time to time to get more out of the game and use this golf clash hack.


Now those are the basics of the game, you can just keep practicing them to get better but of course there are the advanced aspects of the game that we are going to teach you. When playing one on one and depending on your level, you can access a limited amount of golf courses that you can play. Unless you play a tournament mode, the courses are random as you are going for one on one but that’s not a problem. One thing you need to do before you drive that ball is to check out the environment. There are different terrains in the course that you need to know about. We have the fair which is like the good terrain that you should be on.

Use Bunker

The other one is the bunker which is usually sand and this one is where you need to require more driving power to hit that ball farther. We also have the out of bounds or OB terrain which is basically like being out of the golf course or hitting the water so that’s a lost turn for you and you wouldn’t want that. Then finally the green is where you do the putting and sink the ball on the hole. Aside from the terrain you also need to be mindful of the wind strength. That’s because hitting on the middle of the target will still be influenced by the wind strength depending on which direction it goes.

Don’t worry about Elevation

You don’t have to worry about the wind force when putting but you do have to worry about the elevation. Just like if the ground for putting is going up or going down. Going up means you need more putting force but going down means you have to lessen your power since it will roll down so that’s added force. Then finally is the spot where you hit the ball. This tip is a bit more advanced where you hit the ball on different sides. That allows you to launch the ball into a different direction. Golf Clash does have a lot of things going for it. While there are the basics, there are still the advanced aspects that you can do in the game.